Successful Way for training and development

Successful Way. specializes in counseling, training, development of human resources, institutional improvement, individual success and post-graduate coursework.  We are located in San Diego, California, USA. We work in an ethical, professional manner and implement the principles of work efficiency management, human development, occupational psychology, human resource management, self-development, effective integration in society. Our aim is to plant seeds of diversity, hope, and success into the future of American businesses.

Our Team

Our core members were chosen for their expertise in their respective fields of development. We consist of mainly Arab Americans and other diplomats. We are proud of our variety. Each of us are world renowned experts in coaching and development fortified by our own vast experience in our own personal business successes. Each employee is specialized in a different aspect of human resources, but all have one thing in common and that is their passion in occupational training. Many of or teams former candidates include customer service representatives and even CEOs.

Brief summary of the company’s courses:

1.  courses in administration and leadership

2. courses in self-development and improving skills and creative thinking.

3. human development courses.

4.  courses of developing commercial and behavioral skills.

5. e-commerce courses.

6. courses on how to fit in the community and daily paperwork (for immigrants)

7.  courses on how to start up a new project.

8.  marketing courses

9.  courses in Arabic and English.

10. Courses in improving family and social relationships.